Thursday, 22 January 2009

Day Eleven Of Diet Challenge

Hey guys, only me!!!

Ok, midway through week 2 and I'm still receiving amazing reports of people losing on average between 6-9 pounds and thats just in the first few weeks!

And from the reports I've been receiving from alot of you, the "detox nasties" seem to be well and truly over and the increase in energy, mental clarity and general wellbeing is huge!

This is great news. keep it up guys, we've only just begun!

The next 2 weeks you can expect to further enhance your fatloss, excess fluid loss and increase muscle tone, further reduce your parasite population (if they were high!) and your energy levels will continue to rise too. Mine have noticeably started to get better, I actually feel like I have a spring in my step again and I've had some of my best workouts this week!

So things are looking good for you at the moment!

Hang in there!

So anyway, I wanted to blog my meal plan for today that I promised you from my last message and if you remember, all the ingredients were bought from my local farmers market at the start of the week so the chicken is fresh and the fuit and veg is all organic.

I actually find this way of shopping, coincidentally, MUCH cheaper than shopping "all organic" in the big chain supermarkets so before you start shouting me down saying "hey, organic is too expensive" then think again.

Ive said it once and I'll say it again. We don't have to break the bank to eat healthily! And if you want another reason to eat organically, then read my article "How Toxic Are You?" in the main forums area of my new community I'm building.

Oh and by the way, if I can make time to go down to my local farmers market once a week then I'm sure YOU can too so there really is no excuse NOT to eat organically whilst following this diet.

OK, mini rant over : )

I love you all really!

Here's my meal plan for the next couple of days

Organic muesli with rice milk
mixed seeds and raisons sprinkled on top.

Mid Morning
Organic peanut butter with Celery sticks

Grilled chicken with Green leafy Salad

Mid Afternoon
Half a handful of Mixed nuts with plain natural live yoghurt

Chicken Both (leftovers for tomorrow)
See Recipe uploaded.

Remember to eat a varied diet to avoid cravings guys!

Till next time,

heres to your fatloss success,

Sam : )

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