Monday, 12 January 2009

Day 1 Of Fatloss Challenge

Well, it’s day 1 of the fatloss challenge and I’ve just come back from working out with my brother. We did one of my H.I.T workouts. We were only in the gym for 45 minutes but boy did we work hard during that time!

The workout consisted of 20 minutes of weights followed by some challenging intervals on the treadmill. Feel great now!!

I had my last few alcoholic drinks over the weekend with my friends. That’s it now for 60 DAYS! No more alcohol (I don’t drink that much anyway, only a few every now and then so I won’t notice it that much…he says!) : )

I don't drink coffee or eat processed food (I try to eat organic whenever I can) so these won't be much of a problem eliminating them completely from my diet. I am rather partial to the occasional sweet though after a meal, so it will be interesting to see how I get on with eliminating sugar over the next few days.

Eating has gone well today so far : )

Had breakfast at 8:30 this morning: Organic Porridge with seeds and raisons,
mid morning: half a handful of mixed nuts with apple,
Lunch: Tuna with balsamic vinegar, salad, 1 x apple.

Later in between clients, I plan to eat the following:

Midafternoon: half a handful of mixed nuts with natural live yoghrt
Dinner: Organic salmon, with a couple of baby new potatoes with broccoli

Ok, I’m off to my next client now so I’ll catch up with you tomorrow. I hope you’re going ok today aswell?

Whatever you decide to do this January, please don’t join THIS slimming club! : )

Have an awesome day : )

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