Saturday, 8 November 2008

You’ll Never Guess What Came Through My Letterbox Yesterday!!!

Hi, sorry to hit your inbox over the weekend, but I just HAD to let you know about something that came through my letterbox only yesterday!

You know last week I was telling you how we need to eat organically to help beat the credit crunch and I gave you a few ideas on how to get hold of organic fruit and vegetables quickly and easily?

Well through my letter box yesterday came a leaflet advertising an organic company that delivers fruit boxes, veg boxes, even meat boxes right to your door! It seems that I’m not the only one trying to get the organic message out there!

The company is called Riverford and it looks as though they deliver to your door for free and you don’t even have to be in to receive your order. If you’re anything like me I’m so busy travelling from one clients house to another that I barely have time to go shopping!

Oh yeah, I best give you the link that was on the leaflet:

And I’m in no way affiliated with them whatsoever. I genuinely had no idea these guys existed until yesterday but there’s no doubt that I’ll be using them more now and I’ll be telling my paying clients about them.

Its I’ve already ordered my first veg box with them!

Ok, I’ll leave you in peace now I promise!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll catch yah later,

Sam : )
Your Fatloss Coach

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