Saturday, 15 November 2008

If You Want A 5 Minute Fatloss Meal Then You MUST Watch This Video Of Sam In His Kitchen!

Hey guys,

You know, one of the main excuses I hear from people all the time about eating little and often throughout the day is that they haven’t the time! They haven’t the time to actually EAT every 2-3 hours let alone prepare it!

They haven’t the time to sit down and eat breakfast or lunch, and the only time they have a proper meal is when they get in of an evening. The exact opposite of what they should be doing. No wonder they’re still in search of the body of their dreams!

My answer is always the same when I hear this,


Not prioritising is where the issue lies. “Not having enough time” is NOT a valid excuse for skipping meals. I run 3 businesses and I’m always busy rushing around going from one client to another and really don’t have much time for eating little and often throughout the day yet I still manage it so if I can do it then so can you.

I’m sorry if I’m sounding a little harsh here but I feel its my mission as your fatloss coach to give you a kick up the butt every now and then to help you achieve your fatloss goal. After all, that’s why you subscribed to my newsletter, to get results right? : )

As my fatloss report says, eating small regular meals, plus mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks will not only help to maintain your metabolism at a peak rate but will also help to keep a balanced sugar level in your blood which will avoid the temptation of over eating or snacking on “pick me ups”.

So over the next few weeks lets get organised and start eating little and often throughout the day, Not only will you start to notice a different in your energy levels, but you’ll also see a change in your body shape too.

So until next time I’ll leave you with a video of how I found myself three fatloss snacks in 5 minutes with a practically bare fridge : )

Ps - If by any chance you haven’t downloaded my fatloss report yet or you missed the link for it then here it is again.:

And don’t worry its free! : )

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