Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Beat The Credit Crunch With Sam's Fatburning Shopping Tips!

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I won’t keep you for too long today, I know you’re very busy.

Is it me or is anyone else getting fed up with all this talk of recession and ‘credit crunch’ at the moment?
I only have to pick a newspaper up or flick on the TV to find some coverage on the
" Global financial meltdown."

OK, we ALL know our economy has seen better days, we’ve established that now, we don’t need it forced down our throat but rather than whinge about it and use it as an excuse to wallow in self-pity, why not take this situation and use it to your advantage to kickstart your fatloss goals?

I’m here to say that you CAN beat the credit crunch by following my "six of the best" shopping tips. Not only will you save money dramatically on your next shopping budget during these hard times ahead but you’ll also be eating healthier and smarter than you’ve perhaps ever done before!

Ok, enough waffling, lets save some money and lose some fat!!

Tip 1: Shop Online:

Food Shopping online will help you stick to your shopping list that you’ve made and you won’t be tempted by food you can’t see. Also, you’ll save some money on petrol as you won’t be driving to the supermarket.

Tip 2: Shop Smarter:

I’m always telling my clients to eat organic and I stick by this 100%. Support your local farmers, butchers and fishmongers. Not only will the food be more nutritious but it will also help save on the cost.

Many companies these days deliver organic produce to your door offering varying quantities and price. You simply decide how much you want to spend and how often and the truck will turn up at the appointed time and place. How easy is that?

And incase you’re thinking that this is all sounding really expensive, then think again! A client of mine used to spend £200 a week feeding a family of 5 in a regular supermarket, yet I cut their bill to £137 by shopping this way. There you go. Living proof that you can live healthily without breaking the bank!

Tip 3: Steer clear of packaged food

Any food that has been tinned, canned or packaged is more expensive and, incidentally is VERY processed and not as good for you than the same food that is found loose in supermarkets. Fill your shopping trolley with nothing other than fish, poultry, wholegrain, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables and see the pounds knock off your final price as well as a change in your body shape too!

Tip 4: Hunt down those special offers

Hunt down all those special offers and BOGOF (buy one get one free offers) that you can find. Track down the shelf with all the end-of-day marked-down goods on it. Look out for cheap fruit and vegetables at the end of the day, if it’s not bought they’ll only chuck it out, so if you plan on eating them over the next couple of days, then this is a fantastic way of saving even more money on your shopping bill.

Tip 5: Don’t shop when you’re hungry!

We’ve all done it! This can lead to buying unnecessary, impulsive things. Our supermarkets are getting better and fresher all the time, so when we walk in, we are bombarded with great colours, tastes and smells. Eat first, shop later! Don’t get sucked in by all the great smells!

Tip 6: Make a shopping list and stick to it

This will help you avoid all those impulse buys that see your shopping bill shoot up

Bonus tip

I know I said I’d give you six but I thought I’d give you one more tip:

Apply cost-effective cooking techniques.

This is so simple yet is often so overlooked by most people I talk to when it comes to cutting their food bill.
Preparing Stews, casseroles and broths is not only a great way of making food last long after you’ve cooked it (provided its only for a few days after) but they’re a great way of getting all your protein vitamins and minerals all in one hit.

This is what our ancestors used to do years ago during the war. Not that I was around during the last world war but talking to my grandad, in his household, a big stew would be left on the stove and would last his family for days and my grandad had 3 brothers and 2 sisters!

I don’t know about you but the last time I looked through his family album I didn’t see anyone overweight, why don’t you check your grandads family album? I guarantee you won’t find any one of your great great grandads or grandmas overweight.

Why? Because they ate sensibly that’s why. Ok, admittedly there wasn’t so much choice around back then and there was a war on so they all had to rationalise however the principle is there.

We need to eat like this! Eat how your ancestors ate!

Try this simple technique, you’ll be amazed at how many pennies you’ll save!

There you go, try my "6 of the best" the next time you go food shopping and let me know how much money you save and how much fat you lose from following them…

Talk to you soon, and please, no more talk of recession!!!!

Sam Winkworth
Your Fatloss Coach

PS - If you’d like more information on how you can cut your food bill whilst losing body fat the fast and healthy way then it might be worth giving us a call.

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