Wednesday, 15 October 2008

“Rev” Up Your Metabolism with Sam’s Fatloss Workout!

Well, I’ve just had the busiest few days ever!

On Sunday, I was down at Leeds Castle in Kent, UK helping out with the Cancer Research Race For Life. As you may know if you’ve participated in any of these fun runs across the UK, the Charity Event has being going strong for quite some time now and due to the fact that one of my close friends has recently been diagnosed with cancer I like to show my support as much as I can.

Now those of you who know me will know that I’ve made plenty of guest appearances presenting at charity events but none as big as this one.

What an amazing turnout!

There must have been well over 2,000 runners all showing their support for the charity. I’ve certainly never presented to this amount of runners before and it gave me a real buzz to teach the official race for life warm up to all these enthusiastic runners.

But whilst I was up on the stage teaching my warm up, looking across the sea of 2,000runners following my every move, something struck me!

(And no, it wasn’t a rotten tomato thrown by a fun runner…: )

One of the things I noticed about these runners was that they weren’t particularly lean.

They certainly weren't fat mind you, but considering that a lot of the runners (that I spoke to) had been training for this special 10k charity run for a good few months, some even running 5 nights a week, you'd expect them all to be super-leaner.

They weren't. The reason?

Like I've been telling you for some time now, long, slow steady workouts are not the most efficient way to get rid of fat. Sure, they'll give you great stamina, great endurance (which is what every long distance runner needs) but they won't burn as much fat as you might think.

But if you want a fun, fast fat-burning workout then check out my new REVS workout, designed to burn calories long AFTER the workout has finished, my REVS workout is short yet highly effective and I use them with my clients to get them in great shape fast.

It’s simple to perform, very straightforward…

What do you think of that then?

Give my REVS workout a try and let me know how you get on…

Speak Soon,

Sam : )

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