Monday, 8 June 2009

My Blow By Blow Account Of Eat Stop Eat

Today I started my first eatstopeat 24 hour fast.

The goal?

To lose bodyfat whilst increasing muscle tone and shape.

Had my usual organic muesli breakfast around 630am. I then had a brunch of 2 boiled eggs with tuna and salad around 10 am.

My last meal was at 2pm today which was a tuna cucumber sandwich on spelt bread.

The fast has so far gone ok although I have been thinking about food quite alot (which I thought I would).

I chose Monday as my fast day as I'm real busy on Monday so I thought this would help me keep my mind off food.

The first few hours seemed fine however I started to feel hungry and get some mild headaches later on.

Having read Brad's book eatstopeat, I am now understanding that what I've experienced so far isn't TRUE hunger, more of a withdrawl from sugar perhaps. Do't get me wrong, I steer clear of sugar 90% of the time but I still have a chocolate milk after training and I sometimes eat a dessert if I'm eating out so sugar is not out of my diet entirely.

Most of us are addicted to sugar. We just don't know it and according to Brad, the headaches (that can sometimes occur during fasting) aren't because of our blood sugar levels but more of a withdrawl symptom from sugar.

After all, sugar is just like a drug right?

And like most drugs out there, if you stop taking it then you'll get some kind of withdrawl symptom.

I'm now half way through my fast and I'm about to "hit the hay". Just had a green tea (you're allowed black/green tea during fasting).

My next meal will be at 2pm tomorrow after a big workout.

Will keep you posted on things.

Peace out =>


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