Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Fatloss Fast Complete! Yayy!

Today I finished my first eatstopeat fast which went really well.

Once I got my head around that I wasn't gonna eat for 24 hours then I was fine (although I did start to feel a little tired this morning. Not to the point where I couldn't function, however I was slightly more tired than normal.)

Did my workout around 12:30 (which went really well, thought it may have been slightly laboured having not eaten but I actually had a real good one today). I finished the fast around 2pm (GMT).

I'm glad I did my eatstopeat fast. Looking back, it was absolutely fine. If you can keep busy then this will help to keep your mind off food.

Otherwise THIS may happen, and it did to me on some occassions):

I think starting the fast around 2pm worked well for me however next week, I'm gonna try 9am through to 9am the following day just to see if this suits me any better.

Will monitor my results here =>

Have an awesome day,

Sam Winkworth

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