Saturday, 7 February 2009

How a dedicated soccer team is the same as your fatloss plan

Last weekend I unusually wasn’t too busy with my PT schedule so I decided to take some time out and watch some local soccer in my community. I’ve been watching and playing soccer of all levels for well over 10 years now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not premier league standard! (Far from it infact), but for me, it’s a great workout, I’m out in the fresh air and above all else I thoroughly enjoy it.

However, recently I’ve picked up a niggling foot injury that has since stopped me from playing as much as I’d like to, so last weekend I was a spectator.

Whilst I was on the touchline watching the game (in the wind and rain incidentally!), I noticed one MAJOR difference between the two teams.

It wasn’t the skill or fitness levels. Both teams were evenly matched in these departments.

It wasn’t inspiration or aggression. Both teams had plenty!

It wasn’t the strength or ball skills of the players. Again nothing between them.

So what was the difference?

The difference between both teams after watching with great interest from the sideline was one thing and one thing only...


One team seemed to be chasing everything down.

The other wasn’t.

One team seemed to be encouraging more than the other.

The other wasn’t (Infact, most of them seemed to be more interested in arguing amongst themselves than encouraging)

One team seemed more focused in the job in hand.

The other wasn’t.

One team seemed to be going for EVERY inch.

The other wasn’t.

One team simply wanted to win more than the other, and in the end, did just that!

That’s it.

Nothing major right?

Nothing to do with the standard of the football, fitness levels, quality of tactics or how good the players were (Like I said earlier, both teams had absolutely nothing between them).

Strange right?

You’d think that all these small things wouldn’t really impact the result of a soccer match would you?


All of these points had a MASSIVE impact in this instance because when you add up ALL these things, however small they may seem, then this, in the end was the difference between winning and losing.


One team was willing to fight and claw for every inch over the course of the 90 minutes.

Willing to go that extra mile to win the game.

Not stop until they get the result that they want.

Put simply…one teams desire to win was stronger than the other.

That’s all it was!

Sounds simple right? Yet that’s ALL the difference was I promise you.

Al Pacino says it best in the film “Any given Sunday”, one of my favourite films of all time. Take a look at this inspirational speech that Al gives and then carry on reading...

What do you think of that then?

Powerful stuff huh?

So where am I going with this?

Well, the same can be said for your eating habits.

A lot of you are eating small things here and there which are not ideal, as part of your fat loss plan, which may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but when added up over the course of a day or a week can amount to a lot of excess calories that at the time you barely notice or register.

Like Al says “The inches are everywhere.”

Start cutting out the little things here and there that you might think make no real difference, but which multiply to cause a fat loss plateau - simply because you're eating more than your body needs.

Stick to a regular plan:

Eat little and often throughout the day.

Cut out alcohol and caffeine.

Eat plenty of vegetables

Base each meal around protein

Just like the “dedicated” Soccer team willing to fight for everything, you must approach your eating habits with the same positive “CAN-DO” Attitude.

Start sorting out your diet inch by inch because in the end this is the difference between an “okayish” physique and a “great physique”.

Between winning and losing.

What’s it to be?

The choice is yours,

Peace and love,

Sam : )

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