Friday, 27 February 2009

How Are The New Years Resolutions Going?

Well, it’s 27th Feb and can you believe that 55 days of 2009 have already passed!(That’s a little over 15% of the year gone already).

Never to be seen again!

Time sure does fly doesn’t it. It seemed like only yesterday when I emailed you about your new years resolutions doesn’t it!

So how are your new years resolutions holding up?

Are you on track with those goals?

If you wanted to lose 20 lbs for 2009, are you down 15% (or 3lbs lighter)
If your goal was to do 200 workouts – have you completed 30?
If you wanted to be financially better off – are you on track?

If you’re behind on your own schedule or have lost a little focus of late then start TODAY.

Set some new resolutions!

If your goal is to lose 10 pounds before Easter then start by setting a goal of 12 weight training workouts to be performed in March and get the first one done tomorrow : )

Whatever your goal is, make the changes TODAY or before you know, another 15% will pass, then another and another and before you know it 2010 will be upon us…

Stop thinking about it, you’ve done enough of that already, start TODAY and remember,

set your goals HIGH!

Sam Winkworth
Your Fatloss Coach

PS – If you’re having trouble restarting your goals then you should definitely check out my good friend Dax Moy’s “Magic 100 Goal Setting Programme". In just 100 days from now you could be well on your way to achieving great things in no time at all!

PPS – Still here? Get yourself over to Dax’s Magic 100 and just take a peek. It won’t hurt and it could be the best thing you’ll do for 2009.

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