Wednesday, 3 October 2012

How To Use Your Scales For Weight Loss


Ok, I'm not going to beat around the bush here, and I apologise if I offend anyone, that’s REALLY not my intention whilst writing this but if you’re still using scales as a way of measuring your weight loss progress then you are a f*cktard!
Let me explain why:
You start that long awaited diet and have finally committed to doing regular exercise after all these years, and you want a way of measuring your results don't you? You want to know that what you’re doing is working and that you’re not wasting your time right?
After all, the slimming clubs and gyms use scales so they must be pretty good right?
Well, I used to think like this when I first started back as a personal trainer all those years ago. I used to use scales and do weekly weigh ins just like all the slimming clubs did but immediately changed my mind when I found out that they are NOT the best way to measure fat loss progress and can also be SEVERELY demotivating as well.
The problem with scales is that they are a VERY inaccurate method of measuring your progress and aren't a TRUE reflection of your results.
Let me put this another way for you:
You've committed to exercising three times a week, you've nailed your nutrition, you look and feel better and you have your mojo back as well.
You just quickly hop onto the scales to see how much weight you've lost and DISASTER! You've only lost a few pounds or worse still, NOTHING at all! This is heart breaking, (especially when everyone around you is getting results), you've  put so much effort into losing weight and this just makes you feel unhappy, so much so that you just want to give up or try something else. Maybe you just want to go back to eating how you used to eat. It's clearly not working.
You can't understand it though? You look better in clothes, you feel like you've lost fat from your stomach and thighs and you’re EVEN getting comments from friends asking you for workout tips but your SCALES still aren’t showing it?
Because scales only focus on overall WEIGHT LOSS and not FAT LOSS!
Your scales don't take into account how much lean  muscle tissue you have which is cr*p because having some muscle is a GOOD thing as muscle tissue is the only tissue in the body that can burn fat so why would you NOT want it?
So even though you've gained a small amount of lean muscle and dropped a load of fat, your scales STILL won't show it because technically you’re the same weight?
Let me put this another way:
Muscle weighs more than fat.

Let’s take a pound of muscle versus a pound of fat. They both WEIGH the same HOWEVER a pound of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat.


Muscle  also burns 7 to 10 calories daily per pound compared to fat which only burns 2 to 3 calories daily per pound so replacing more fat with muscle makes sense for fat loss right?
And secondly,
Your weight can fluctuate by as much as 3 kilos in a day. It's impossible to gain 3 kilos of fat in a day. This is more likely due to fluid retention from a hormonal imbalance or a congested liver but your scales won't see it this way!
And by the way, those bio-electrical impedance scales that you see in the health clubs that tell you what fat percentage you are, are a load of cr*p as well. They are VERY inaccurate and also are mis-guiding.

I'm finding this quite difficult to put into words so I decided to put a video together for you on what to do with your scales and how to make them work for you:

I hope that's made things a little clearer for you?

Don't be a F*CKTARD!
Ditch the scales!
Sure, You COULD still carry on using your scales, you can keep on checking your weight on a daily basis. You could carry on obsessively checking  your weight every time you've exercised and carry on feeling unhappy and miserable inside because you haven't lost those "last few extra pounds" or have stayed the same weight.
Or you could smash your scales  up like I did and focus on FAT LOSS. You can go on how you look, how you feel and how your clothes fit you where you will see more ACCURATE results which in turn will motivate you more?
What's it to be?
OK!  That is all!
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