Friday, 21 May 2010

9 Success Secrets To Maximise Fat Loss

I thought it would be cool to share with you some of the secrets I use with all my paying clients to help them achieve great fat loss success:

1) Quit waiting for the right time

Stop waiting around for the best time to start your fat loss plan. They'll NEVER be one. Just get going!!! Here's a workout to help you get started. Awesome chillout tune with it aswell : )

2) Be Honest With Yourself!

It's amazing how alot of people are disillusioned about the way they eat. Reality check: Cereal & toast for breakfast & Sandwiches for lunch isn't healthy. And what about the binge drinking the weekend. Have they "conveniently forgotton about that? If you want to lose body fat then don't be someone who suffers from "Dietary Dishonesty". Use a food diary and find out EXACTLY what you're eating on a daily basis.

Download my food diary I use with all my clients over at my personal training website

3) Surround yourself with positive people

Ditch the energy suckers from your life. If you're hanging out with people that are negative about diet & exercise then they will quickly pull you down to their level and suck the life out of you. They will stop you from moving forwards in life. Get rid of them if you want to see results.

4) Diarise Your Workouts

Make sure you schedule your workouts into your diary. If you haven't got a diary, buy one! Know WHEN you're going to workout and at WHAT time. Nothing is REAL until you schedule it!

5) Ditch the crap!!!

Humans aren't designed to eat processed food, sugar, salt or trans-fatty acids. Replace with more vegetables and fruit, combine with with 3 workouts a week, get to bed by 10:30pm and start to see a difference in your energy and your fat levels.

6) If you're not happy, make the change

"If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it." ~ Mary Engelbreit
I say if you're not happy about something in your life, whether it be personally or professionally then make the change. When you're through changing, you may aswell call it a day. Remember,'s not the strongest or most intelligent that survive, it's the person who can CHANGE the most.

7) Use intermittent fasting

Combining Brad Pilon's "Eat Stop Eat" nutritional Philosophy along with ours is going to help you burn a serious amount of bodyfat. We've been using "Eat Stop Eat" with our clients for the past 2 years and have had acceptional results with it. Go check it out Eat Stop Eat

8) Don't listen to the negative voice inside you!

9)Never, ever give up

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."- Thomas Edison
I say when it comes to your fat loss plan don't give up just because you've had a "bad diet day." Write it off and know in your mind that tomorrow will be MUCH much better.

Try implementing some of these secrets today : )

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The Natural Appetite Suppressant Princess said...

Thanks for the great share.

I think weight loss and fitness always boiled down to 2 things: 1) Metabolization and 2) Nutrition.

Metabolization: You worked to expend the excess calories so that they do not turn into fats. To do that, either you create a calories deficit or you increase your calories usage.

For most cutting calories (aka reduce portion size) is easier but not everyone can withstand the hunger pangs. That's when a hoodia gordonii supplement can be useful as it make your brain think you are full so that you won't feel lethargic or cranky.

For those who prefer to exercise, you should focus on weight training and high intensity interval training like wind sprinting. Forget about cardio.

Nutrition: First thing is to get the habit of reading labels. If you see anything that says high fructose corn syrup, trans fat, hydrogenated or partial hydrogenated oil, put it back.

Next understand that you need to eat a balance meal, and not follow a fad diet. One that contains carbohydrates, protein and fat.

Opt for unprocessed carbs and when possible, it's better to take fruits (not fruit juice) and vegetables. Technically speaking, fruit and vegetables are less calories dense. Good for losing weight.

Get your plant protein from beans, legumes, and nuts, while animal protein, eat free-range and/or organic meats.

Get this straight, we need fat. And the right kind of fats would make you fat. What we need is natural fats from fishes like salmon and tout or fruits like avocado.

When you need oil, use coconut oils and pure virgin olive oils.

By the way, for the ladies and gentlemen out there, avoid soy based products and beer.

Guys, soy and beer (contains estrogenic compounds) cause fats to accumulate on your chest. So unless you are interest to grow boobs continue eating.

Ladies, one of the reasons why your stubborn belly fat never go away could be due to your high intake of soy based product and beer.

Oops, I blah too much on a blog post! That's it. :)