Wednesday, 28 April 2010

How To Eat Healthily Anytime, Any Place, Any Where!

This weekend saw me travel to the wonderful city of Barcelona for my brother's
stag-do (yes! that's him dressed as a cow!!!)

Never been to Barcelona before and I have to say what an awesome city! The first day was spent on the beach soaking up some rays, swiftly followed by a visit to the impressive nou camp to watch Barcelona play football. We then hit some bars in the evening which were bad ass!

The following day saw us soak up more sun rays, a nice evening meal followed by more bars. A great weekend break, everyone enjoyed themselves and my brother thanked me for organising the trip.

So why am I telling you all this?

Well, before I went on the stag-do, I made a promise to myself not to drink too much and to try and eat healthily over the 2 days. Tough test I know!

Stag-do weekends are usually associated with drinking too much and eating too much. I've been on 4 stag-do weekends over the last year and trust me, health is the last thing on people's minds!

Don't get me wrong, I still wanted to have a few drinks, just to not go mad. I can have a good time without getting absolutely pole-axed and I wanted to keep the momentum going with my healthy eating. I knew it would be a tough test on a stag weekend but was determined to put it into practice.

Here was what I ate on the Sunday:

Before Breakfast: Mega Greens Drink

Breakfast: Chicken salad sandwich

Mid-Morning Snack: Organic Almonds, 1 banana, 1 apple

Lunch: Tuna salad sandwich (was either this or burger king! lol)

Mid-Afternoon: Organic Almonds

Dinner: Paella with rabbit and vegetables(very nice!)

Not the perfect days eating, bit too much bread but under the circumstances I was happy with this.

So where am i going with this?

2 things really:

1) Ditch The Excuses And Plan Ahead!

When it comes to your fat loss plan, know what you're going to eat tomorrow, and the next day and the next. I packed my mega greens supplement tub with me to Barcelona so I could have this before breakfast. I knew I might not be able to eat much veg when I was ou there so I wanted to make sure I was getting all my nutrients in.I also bought some fruit and nuts and kept them in my pocket so I could snack on them in between meals to keep my energy levels stable throughout the day.

2) Have Willpower!!!

Are you strong-minded or weak-minded? Do you get tempted when someone offers you junk food or "another drink" or do you give in? Being around 10 other guys all taking the piss out of my food choices (for being too healthy in other words!!!)and offering me beers every 5 minutes was hard, but I did it! AND I still had an awesome time minus the hangover and I feel refreshed!!!

If I can manage to eat healthy on a stag-do where the main goal was to get as drunk as possible then YOU can DEFINITELY follow a healthy eating plan.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you MUST eat healthily ALL the time. There maybe occasions that this may not be the case however if you want to see results for this summer then you HAVE to tidy up your diet and eat healthily 90% of the time.

Peace out : )


PS - Here are a couple more pics from the stag-do : )


andrea pinto said...

The cow outfit looks like a babies romper suit.........

I sooooo wish i had your discipline and will power.

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