Thursday, 14 May 2009

Hotel Room Workouts

Hi guys,

OK, today I'm going to cut to the chase and have a bit of a rant so bear with me. = >

I wanted to talk to you about making time for workouts when you're travelling or on the road because over the last few weeks, I've been hearing alot of excuses about not having the time.

Excuses like:

"the hotel didn't have a gym."
"I'm too tired when I'm on a business trip to workout."
"I'm way too busy for exercise, I'll make up for it when I'm back home."

Ladies and gentlemen, how can I put this politely?

Thats a bunch of BS.

We should ALL have time to fit exercise into our lives.

Cramming your exercise in at the weekend (although better than nothing at all) just isn't the same, and as for being "too tired to exercise" on your travels, well this is just lame. Sorry if that sounded a little harsh but it just is.

It's time to toughen up guys!

I run 3 businesses,have a busy social life and I do alot of travelling aswell yet I still find time to get atleast 3 workouts in during the week.

You should too.

Not prioritising is where the issue lies.

I guess it depends on how much value you attach to achieving ideal health, longevity and the body of your dreams.

If you do attach SOME value then it's time to get ORGANISED if you want to see a change in your bodyshape and stop using excuses.

You don't even need a gym to workout!

I've recently come back from a good friends stag do in Majorca yet I still found the time to have a workout in my hotel room.

Don't get me wrong, I'll be the first to admit that I drank abit too much and ate alot of the wrong things but hey! it was a stag-do and I STILL got a workout in.

All be it for 20 minutes, but as you probably know by now if you've been following my blogs for some time, it's not the quantity of the workout, its the quality and what you do DURING those workouts that make all the difference.

Here's a short video of my Hotel Room Workout that my friend filmed for me whilst we were away. We filmed this and then went down to the beach to play some American football with the rest of the stag party (I love the beach!):

There you go.

What do you think of that then?

Proof that you CAN workout ANYTIME, ANYPLACE and ANYWHERE so let's ditch the excuses and start focusing on DOING.

Ok rant over, I'll leave you in peace now!

Here's to your new found body,


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