Tuesday, 9 December 2008

What Do You Believe?

Earlier today, I asked you to believe in yourself so today I’m going to enlighten you with some of my own beliefs.

Those of you who know me these may not come as a surprise.
However for those of you who only know me through print, they’ll hopefully give you a little insight into who I am and what I believe in.

At first, I had to REALLY think about what I believe in and my life principles that I follow but once I spent a bit of time thinking about it, the easier it became to formulate them.

So, in my own words, here are some of the things I believe in, that I want to share with you…

I will find a way to overcome ANY obstacle that I face in life no matter how challenging.

I believe that to achieve any goal in life whether it be professionally or personally, I must overcome the setbacks and problems along the way and not get disheartened when I come across them.

Instead, embrace the challenge that I face and find a way to move through it with the minimum of fuss and continue with my journey and not stop until I’ve reached my end goal.

I will make my mark on the people I meet, the clients I train and the friends and family I love.

Helping others is quite simply, my life. I love helping people hence why I chose my career as fatloss expert. I believe that its my duty to help as many people as I can achieve a healthier, fitter, leaner life however I won’t fool myself into thinking that this is always possible.

I believe that in some cases, people just aren’t ready to be helped, their not ready to change their lifestyle in which case, rather than forcing my philosophy and systems down their throat, I will be there for them for when they DO want to make a positive change.

I believe that if I can inspire and help people to at least make their first step (however big or small) to leading a healthier lifestyle then I’m a happy, satisfied man.

I will be true to myself when all around doubt me.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you’ll know how I have developed a fatloss system with my company that guarantees results. I have researched over a hundred different diets and workouts for over 10 years and now know the most effective diet techniques and training strategies for losing body fat the fast and healthy way. I believe in this 100% and because I know that it works and consistently brings about great results ,will always stand by this.

Along the way I’ve had so-called “critiques” and other trainers questioning me and doubting the systems effectiveness and replies like how can I possibly guarantee results and offer a full money back guarantee?

During which time I’ve stuck up for what I believe in and my systems when all around me doubted and I now run a successful personal training business with 4 trainers working under me. This one rule has kept me in good stead and I know will continue to for future years.

I will demand excellence from myself and I will help others demand excellence from themselves too.

This rule pretty much speaks for itself. Whatever I do in life, I like to do it to my full potential. To coin a phrase “if a jobs worth doing, its worth doing well.” Ok that saying might have sounded a bit dated but you know what I’m getting at right?

I believe in setting a good example and being a good role model to all my clients and like to practise what I preach .Through my lifestyle I maintain a healthy weight, a balanced diet and an athletic physique, however I’m not perfect!
I do drink alcohol, I do eat processed food occasionally and if I’m offered a sweet, then I’m not going to turn it down, but I do know when to draw the line and be sensible!

I believe that if more people did the same then there wouldn’t be so much illness or disease in the world and it would be a much fitter
healthier place to live.

I like to help others demand excellence from themselves as well. I believe that if you want something in life then you have to go out there and get it.
I like to install a positive can-do attitude with all my clients to help them achieve their full potential when it comes to their fatloss goals and I’d like to think that this very attitude can rub off in other areas of their life.

I will take the time to be patient, and not be tired by waiting.

Impatience can be such a personality flaw and something that I recognise within myself on occasions. Impatience like cutting people off mid sentence or making uniformed, quick judgements. Not finding the time to really listen to others. All of which are forms of impatience.

We tend to lose our patience when we’re multi tasking or working to a tight schedule (I know I do!).

In the long run, developing patience requires a change in your attitude towards life but well worth it because it will keep your stress levels down which is vital for your health and fatloss goals.

I will take the time to laugh.

Taking time out to have fun is SO important in my book. Having fun and laughing is the music of the soul and people should include this more in their life. I know I can be guilty of being too serious and over working sometimes but I’m working hard to change my ways!

If you constantly find yourself taking life too seriously and can’t remember the last time you laughed, and I mean REALLY laughed, like it hurt your stomach you were laughing so hard, then ask yourself if it does you any good to take life too seriously? After all, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy!

A very dull boy in most cases.

These are just some of the things I believe in.

Do your beliefs play a BIG part in how you live your life?
Do they set you on the path to good health or do they lead you astray?

Think about your beliefs and ask yourself those 2 questions...

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