Monday, 19 November 2012

27 "Random Facts" You Probably Didn't Know About Me!

I came across this idea of 27 Random facts you might not know about me and it looked a fun way for you to "get to know me" abit more.

You may know some of these already as I'm not really one to hide anything and Im a big believer in being totally transparent so anyway here goes:

Time for you to get to know me just a little bit more :-)

1) I was born in Pembury hospital in Tonbridge at 4pm on the 11th August 1978 which would make me 34 now and I share the same birthday as Hulk Hogan!

2) Iam the youngest of 3. My brother is called Toby who is a podiatrist and a sister called Beccy who is a teaching supervisor. My mum and dad are both retired now but my mum used to be a dancer/actress in the 60's and has worked with Barbara Windsor and Bruce Forsyth.

My dad worked for a book publishing company for 20 years before he retired. They met at a wedding.

3) I was always a bit hyper active as a child and can remember from an early age that I liked to set myself silly little challenges.(like see how many times I could cycle up a hill...I could get abit obsessed actually? I wouldn't allow myself to go home until I'd done it 10 times consecutively and if I stopped at 8, then I'd have to start again! Strange child!) ;-)

4) At my secondary school, I was form captain for 5 years running and I played in the cricket and basketball teams.

I was very hard working and consientious at school and was the perfect student up until the sixth form where I fell off the rails and got involved in drugs during which time I took marijuana, ecstasy, acid and speed.

5) When I was 16, I once got arrested for having drugs on me and spent the night in a police cell. It broke my parents heart.

6) In 1999 I became a national novice kickboxing champion

7) During my 34 years on this planet, I have worked as a paperboy, a gardener (I was crap at it though, think I planted a weed once?), a barman, a checkout chick!and a shelf stacker!

8) I love pepsi and desserts and If I could have them every day then I would :-)

9) I have broken my nose three times.

Once at a kickboxing session and the other 2 times for being a cock.

10) I qualified as a personal trainer back in 2000 as I realised I didn't want to work in a supermarket for the rest of my life.

11) I like football and im a massive fan of the MK Dons.

12) I was heavily into bodybuilding back in 2006 and made a terrible decision to take steroids which led to the mother of all meltdowns and eventually depression.

It took me a year to get out of the black hole that I was in. I was so sad and lonely back then. I didn't know who I was. After I got out of my depression I decided that I would quit bodybuilding, get my life back and get healthy the right way.

I can now be prone to "burnout" as result of my actions back then (as Ive f*cked my adrenal glands up) but like to think that I can recognise the warning signs of burn out now and know when to ease off a abit.

13) I love to challenge myself physically and lately I have really got into adventure racing.

14) I love walking in the countryside. It chills me out!

If we open our eyes, the UK is a beautiful part of the world and boasts some of the best views in the world. Although I still want to travel more, I feel very lucky to live in the UK. So much countryside to explore and scenery to take in. I prefer the countryside life to the town life.

15) I have run a 50 mile ultra marathon along the North Downs in Kent.

I have some more "crazy" challenges planned for next year. I would do more but challenges like these but unfortunately they really trash your body for a good few weeks after so I've limited myself to one a year.

16) Despite me working in the fitness industry as a Bootcamp coach and private 1-2-1 trainer,
I have also taught aerobics, spinning (still do), body combat, boxercise and kick boxercise .

I have also worked at the central YMCA in London teaching students how to become aerobic instructors and personal trainers.

17) I love horror movies.

 Don't ask me why. My favourite horror movies are Saws 1-6, the fourth kind, and IT!

18) I hate book keeping and accounts!

19) I cried at the end of titanic. Yep, I'm man enough to admit it!

I also get abit emotional when I watch sport aswell. What can I say? Im a passionate kinda guy!

20) I have a huge passion in wanting to help people transform their lives for the better just like I did.

21) Iam VERY hard on myself and can take life a bit serious sometimes.

 I am a big thinker and can sometimes have a tendency to over think' things which can be a bit destructive at times.

Im working NOT to be like this so much now.

22) When I left school, I had no idea what I wanted to be. My mum tried to get me to go to drama school (like she did) but my brother persuaded me not to.

23) I was once told I looked like Brad Pitt!! although I think they may have been drunk at the time?

24) I have an overwhelming urge to explore new places through walking and running.

25) I genuinely can't work with excuse makers. I have a real problem working with excuse makers and have been known to routinely "sack PT clients" if they're not adhering to the agreed rules laid out from the start.

I now only work with positive action takers who want to totally transform their lives. I will coach my clients to success but I will never nag them.

26) I love bubble baths!!!

27)  My goal in life is to educate, enlighten and inform as many people as possible on health and fitness and to inspire people to be the best they can possibly be.

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