Tuesday, 11 September 2012

How She DID IT! (How She Lost 2 Stone In Just 8 Weeks!)

If you're a woman who wants to lose weight then have a read of Felicity's story at Evolution Bootcamp: How She Lost 2 stone in 8 weeks.

"Before I began my transformation journey at Evolution Bootcamp I wasn’t in the best shape since suffering from glandular fever and being unable to exercise during this time. I had always been active and conscious of my appearance and like to keep track of my diet but through university and life style changes over the last few years I had began putting on weight which resulted in me feeling lethargic and uncomfortable in my body. I knew that I needed to lose at least two stone and change my diet when I signed up to boot camp in order to be my ideal weight and have a leaner body, giving me more self confidence and energy in every day life. 

I had no direction with my gym sessions and diet and would attend Weightwatcher meetings and become demotivated by only loosing a pound a week and constantly counting points and not keeping the weight off. I found that each sporadic gym session was very repetitive and I knew that I needed to start a proper fitness programme in a supportive environment, being given clear instructions. A friend of mine had been attending Evolution Boot camp for nearly a year and loved the results and had become very trim and toned and suggested I sign up.

Before I started the boot camp training I attended Sam’s seminar on fat loss and it gave me a great insight into what was expected of you to achieve your ultimate goals and exactly how to accomplish this. I was apprehensive about beginning the sessions but the seminar put me at ease and I began to look forward to transforming my body. I bought the Evolution cookbook to give me some menu ideas which were easy to make and made it easier to plan ahead. I was surprised at how after only week one I wasn’t craving carbs and I had lost 5 pounds. 

I was amazed at the results I achieved at Bootcamp, I had so much energy and was no longer bloated after eliminating gluten from my diet. I lost 2 stone overall and noticed a huge difference in my before and after pictures on the inches I had lost on my waist. 

Before I started boot camp I began restricting my diet but did not know or understand the reasons why I should eliminate certain foods. At Bootcamp I got the correct nutritional guidance and was shown how it coupled with the exercises we were undertaking to enable me to have optimum fat loss and weight loss."

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