Saturday, 17 September 2011

Is Weight Watchers Healthy?

First of all, let me just set the record straight and clarify that I won't be slagging off Weight Watchers in this article. I really don't feel the need to anymore as I know what I do gets the best results possible without compromising health.

Before we get into the meat of the article, I'm not disputing the fact that Weight Watchers definitely works and gets results so please don't think Im saying that it doesn't, HOWEVER IAM asking one simple question and that is:

Does it promote optimum health?

I believe that there's some MAJOR flaws in the weight watchers fatloss model, some of which I'd like to tackle in this article. so read on and lets get it on:

Is Weight Watchers Healthy?

As a fitness professional that promotes health and focuses on nutritional cleansing, I simply CANNOT advocate a system that allows you to:

1) Eat in moderation,
2) Consume sugar & processed food,
3) Focus on overall weight loss and not fat loss!

Eating In Moderation

As you may already know, the Weight Watchers model encourages you to "eat in moderation" which is fine (if you're actually eating in moderation!)but as I've said before in previous articles, the problem with eating in moderation is that no can do it?

Be honest, when was the last time you ate (and drank) in 'moderation' and got outstanding, draw dropping fat loss results that left your friends absolutely dumbfounded by your transformation?

Ask yourself this,

If eating in moderation worked then why is the UK now the fattest country in Europe?
If eating in moderation worked then why is there currently an obesity epidemic?
And if eating in moderation worked then why is no one getting AWESOME fat loss results from their programmes?

You may have guessed that I have a real problem with this piece of dietary advice and if you want to lose bodyfat (NOT WEIGHT) anytime soon than you simply HAVE to stop listening to this advice! Its not working for you!

2) Consume Sugar & Processed Food

When I first saw this picture above I couldn't believe it! The label above is from a Weight Watchers cereal bar. Interesting isn't it when you read the ingredients, especially when you'd think a weight watchers cereal bar would be considered "healthy" right?

Well, it's quite staggering the amount of sugar and cr*ap thats in this bar. MOST of the ingredients in it is basically sugar, chemicals and preservatives.

REALLY not great if you want to dump bodyfat anytime soon.

The problem with most of these so-called healthy cereal bars (not just weight watchers!)is that they are stuffed full of chemicals and preservatives. Chemicals that your body won't recognise and in order to get them out of your system will dump them into your fat cells. If you want to lose bodyfat then the first thing you need to do is get rid of the chemicals and toxins from your adipose tissue (fat cells).

Don't get me wrong, once you've achieved your fat loss results it's ok to have a dessert or a treat every now and then but there are healthier treats out there that are free from all these chemicals and preservatives that won't overburden your liver, so just because its from weight watchers, don't automatically think its a "healthy" option cos it aint!

3) Works with Weight Loss and Not Fat Loss!

The problem with overall weight loss is that you have to use the scales as a way of measuring your progress which is a TERRIBLE way of tracking your results. I'll give you an example:

You've lost BODYFAT and increased lean muscle tissue (which is a good thing because the more muscle tissue you have, your bodies ability to burn bodyfat quickens up considerably which is EXACTLY what you want) BUT on the scales your overall weight may not have changed? This often then leads to disappointment, demotivation and worse still, dropping out of the healthy eating plan completely.

This makes a mockery of the whole weight watchers way (and other slimming clubs that like to use scales to monitor progress), they look at overall weight loss and not fat loss.

Let me put it another way, would you be happy to be the same weight that you are now but have no bodyfat, have an amazing killer physique with an abundance of energy?

I rest my case!

Heck I recently finished a 9 week six pack challenge with some of my fellow fitness professionals and I didn't lose ANY WEIGHT (not a single pound!) but my bodyfat levels went from 10% down to 8%, my waist went form a 32 to a 30 and I had a killer sixpack to show off! (and I didn't eat in moderation!)

See what I'm getting at?

So now that we've highlighted a few flaws in the weight watchers model lets talk about some things you can do that Weight Watchers doesn't talk so much about:

1) Stop eating in moderation and focus on Cleansing your fat cells!

Lets face it, this advice isn't working for you is it. If it did, then you would have already achieved your dream body by now right?
Focus on cleansing your fat cells for the next 28 days. If you want to drop body fat then you need to allow time for your liver to heal. Your body will choose to drop bodyfat once youve restored liver health. No wheat, sugar, processed food and alcohol for 28 days.Focus on lean proteins with plenty of fresh fruit & vegetables. Be strict with yourself (no piss poor excuses! If you can't give up alcohol for 28 days then you need to take a long hard look at yourself) and remember you don't have to be boring to eat healthy. You can check out the Evolution Cookbook if you want some recipe ideas. Over 60 wheat, gluten & sugar free recipes to choose from (including chicken pizza, healthy fish & chips, chocolate brownies & clean choc chip cookies)


Scales have to be THE WORSE way to measure your progress! Ditch the scales and go on how you look, how you feel and how your clothes fit you. Take measurements before you start from your chest, waist, hips and thighs, all at the widest point) and measure as you go to monitor your results. Do ANYTHING! just stop using the scales!!! If you dont trust yourself then just bin them! Im serious!

So to come back to the title of this article? Is Weight Watchers healthy?

Here's where I respectfully disagree.

Definitely get's results for some as Im sure many will testify but for me it doesn't advocate optimum health. We should be striving to restore our health, going back to basics with our nutritin and when we do then we'll naturally achieve our ideal bodyshape and we wont have to worry about calorie counting and complicated point scoring.

It really is THAT SIMPLE!

In the words of my business partner and fellow fat loss expert Nisha Obaidulla:

Couldn't have put it better myself!

Peace out :-)



ridgeley said...

Even if WW relies on a lot of processed food, a 200lb woman slimming down 25 or more pounds will most certainly be healthier. Just getting the excess weight off her joints will be good, and she'll feel better about herself.

Expecting someone who's been eating too much of the wrong foods and not exercising to change to an organic, farmers' market workout fiend overnight is setting the person up for failure.

Po said...

Although there is a lot of cheesy motivational talk in Sam's e-mails, he speaks the truth when it comes to nutrition and fitness. This is what people need to know and trust someone in the know to do...tell them how it is. Eventually when they are truly ready to admit it and face it...this will be the only time they have a chance to stabilise their weight for good and stay healthy ..and be able to enjoy life without forever worrying about every mouthful of food they take.