Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Why "Eating In Moderation" Is Making You Fatter!

As a fat loss coach, if I had a pound for every time I heard the advice "eat in moderation" from personal trainers, nutritionists & doctors then I'd be a millionaire, infact even if I had a penny for every time this was said then I'd STILL be pretty damn well off too!

So why is "Eating in Moderation" making you fatter I hear you ask?

Well read on; let me tell you what I mean...

On the surface, this advice sounds pretty innocent right? After all, eating in moderation allows you to lose weight whilst having your favourite foods doesn't it? You don't have to stress about being too strict with your diet do you, you can have that treat whenever you want and still get results right?


Here's my issue with this advice:

If "Eating in Moderation" worked then why have we currently got an obesity epidemic here in the UK and is getting worse?
If "Eating in Moderation" worked then why is the UK now the fattest country in Europe?
If “Eating in Moderation” worked then why is no one getting amazing fat loss results?

Sure, if people ACTUALLY DID eat in moderation then this advice would hold some clout but the truth of the matter is that NO ONE can do" Moderation". Be honest, when was the last time you ate (and drank) in moderation?

The other issue I have with moderation is that it differs from person to person, where do you draw the line? Everyone has their own concept of “moderation”, your version of moderation might be completely different to my version which makes it a really cr*p piece of dietary advice to give out and to follow aswell.

Let's not beat around the bush here, if you want to drop bodyfat anytime soon then you simply HAVE to STOP listening to this piece of advice. IT DOESN’T WORK!

As you may have guessed I have a real problem with "Eating in Moderation." This is usually something that fat people say to make themselves feel better (which is why they’ll never be dropping bodyfat anytime soon either), or people that have always been skinny and have NEVER had any concept of being overweight. That sounded really harsh and I apologise if I offended anyone but unfortunately is true.

Below is a picture my personal trainer and good buddy Austin Lawrence designed to highlight the "Eating In Moderation" point:

Ask yourself this:

Are you looking for ‘moderate’ results or results that will see you blow people away with how you look in that new dress or suit? Results that leave your friends totally shell shocked with your total body transformation? Put simply, the more times you "eat in moderation", then the more ‘moderate’ and decidedly average your results will be after the 28 days. It’s as simple as that really.

So do yourself a favour and stop listening to this bit of advice, it’s not working for you.

Eat clean for the next 28 days, remove wheat, dairy, processed food & sugar from your diet. Stop drinking alcohol, drink plenty of fresh clean water, keep it strict, stick to the rules and remember:


Peace out ;-)

Sam Winkworth - The South East's Leading Fat loss Expert

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