Friday, 18 March 2011

Why Zumba Is "PANTS" For Burning Bodyfat

My business mentor Paul Mort (who is also the UK's number one fat loss coach)recently wrote about this subject only a few months ago. He actually beat me to it (the swine!) but I feel, on a personal level that I need to write about this aswell as it's been on my mind for quite some time now.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last 6 years,ZUMBA is the latest dance craze to hit our studio time tables.It combines latin dance moves in an aerobic style format. It's currently in over 90,000 locations across 110 countries so you could say that it's been a success!

Now before I get every ZUMBA instructor and their dog emailing me saying that Im being totally unfair and that you're "well out of order" for slagging off Zumba then let me tell you that I'm not.

I think ZUMBA is a great dance class and every time I watch it, it looks really fun. I've not tried it yet, although I've participated in many similar dance formats at fitness conventions/seminars and actually spent over 2 years teaching advanced choreography at the YMCA in Tottenham Court Road so I feel very qualified to talk about this subject.

So what's my issue with ZUMBA?

Well, although Zumba "is an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party" (as the company like to put it), it's not the best way to burn bodyfat.

Sure, its fun, just like the nintendo wii is fun when your playing wii tennis or wii fit but for burning bodyfat?

Hell no!

Let me tell you what I mean...

Slow,steady cardio, which is what you see most people doing in the gym day in, day out is NOT the best way to burn bodyfat. Infact, I've met very few people who have successfully used cardio to burn bodyfat.

ZUMBA, and other classes of the same genre are ALL in this category. Sure, you might get some moves that feel harder than others on occassions but its likely that a zumba style workout will be a steady state session (meaning no true interval training involved).

However, Research shows if you want to lose stomach fat, or any other fat for that matter, you MUST increase the intensity of your workout by doing short burst workouts like circuits or intervals.


To burn more calories long AFTER the workout has finished, that's why!

You see,when you exercise with intervals and resistance training, your body uses far more calories in the hours AFTER exercise than it would if you did ZUMBA or any other long, steady state workout.

This is what's called "The Afterburn Affect" and will help you lose that stubborn bodyfat and gain more muscle in less time than if you were doing your long, slow boring cardio that you've always done.

Dr Pompa says it best in the video below:

The Moral Of The Story?

ZUMBA classes are alot of fun and are a great way to get moving and maybe improve on your stamina somewhat but to use it as part of your fat loss plan?

Definitely not!

Stick to short burst workouts like circuits or intervals along with a good nutrition plan. Follow my advice and you'll see much better results than you're currently getting.

Peace out!


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Dee said...

:-) Awe, bless you!
A Zumba Fitness class (if you attended an instructor training and understood the programme, you would know and speak with a tad more knowledge!) uses the basic principals of aerobic, muscular and interval training, combining fast and slow rhythms throughout the class, interval segments of cardio and toning. Each track is a different length, to they are not sticking to Interval Training format exactly as it is not time specific, and withing each routines you have bursts of cardio and toning moves,they are actually using intermittent training.
The weight loss success stories of people attending only Zumba classes are huge and they are the people that you can't reach and are not interested in your services or those of other 'industry professionals' because you do not float their boat.
Now everyone is entitled to their opinion but facts are facts and this is what we are talking about. Perhaps attend a class with one of their ZES and a training so you actually have experience and fact to base your opinions on.
The Zumba Fitness company, some years back actually offered themselves up for industry testing to back up the concept so they have scientific proof of the format and the benefits, which is why they are accredited with the world's leading agencies and hated by so many.
Shame, but hey, success speaks for itself and the reason it is successful are the weight loss benefits and the overall improvement on people's lives.
And you will never hear the company bring down any other programme, they remain silent and let the results speak for themselves.


Hello Dee,

Bless me? haven't got a cold hunny but thanks anyway.

OK! So, since I wrote about Zumba I've been to 3 classes and I've also taught and participated in similar dance style formats for over 10 years now so I know the class formats very well thanks.

In reply to your "respect" comment, I have the upmost respect for fitness professionals and personal trainers who are helping people get fit and stay in shape.

Lets just clear a couple of things up here.

I think Zumba is awesome. I believe there is a place for it in the industry along side everything else. Its great fun, great for building abit of endurance and great for social interaction aswell so I really dont have a problem with it?

I have 2 points though that I'd like to make here about the Zumba.

My first point is this:

Alot of people that I know seem to think that going to a zumba class once or twice a week is gonna be helping them achieve weight loss results.

If people are using Zumba as part of their weight loss plan, and that's it (eg not doing any metabolic sessions or addressing nutrition...) which a lot of people do, then that's where zumba SUCKS.

I guess it comes down to balance Dee. Sure, do Zumba but dont forget about your metabolic sessions aswell.

My second point is this:

You can be a qualified zumba teacher in a day and you no longer have to be fitness qualified to teach it and yet its referred to as a Fitness Class?

I do hope that makes sense and I haven't caused you much offense? Like I said in the blog, I genuinely havent got a problem with Zumba. Using it solely for weight loss (without addressing nutrition)? Here's where I disagree.

Sam : )

Felz said...

I believe what you are doing is judging and slanderring another company. Saying ZUMBA is not good just goes to show that. If you want to prove your method works and that people should follow you, you should simply sell yourself without mentioning your competitors.
I have never done this MRT/curcuit training craze and i do ZUMBA 4 times a week (i havent altered my diet whatsoever). The first month i started using ZUMBA i lost 7kg and 4cm off my waist. Slander it ALL you want BUT it works THATS A FACT!

Unknown said...

You are awesome.hi5. Ditto that.

Unknown said...

It works. You have to actually do it to know.. You need to look at nutrition with any weight loss programme and eat healthy

Mr Qixpoioi said...

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