Monday, 16 August 2010

The Difference Between Evolution Bootcamp And Other Group Training Options

Alot of people ask me what's the difference between Bootcamp and other group training options.

Quite alot actually!

The first big difference is the nutritional support you get at Bootcamp.

Following the right nutrition plan is crucial if you want to see healthy fat loss results. Poor nutrition is like driving a Ferrari with cheap engine oil in it.You will not get very far. Here at Evolution Bootcamp we look at optimising your nutrition so that you can start to see results in just 28 days without compromising your health.

Our nutrition plan isn't just a few diet tips that you'll find on the internet, it's really more of a nutritional philosophy that's designed to get you some great fat loss results in just 28 days.

The programme is all about eating great food, drinking fresh clean water, avoiding processed food and eating organically whenever you can.

You won't find us pushing any pills, powders or supplements your way whatsover to make your results look better than they actually are - just eating the way mother nature intended you to eat, that's it!

The Second Big Difference Is The Workouts We Use

The sessions we use at Bootcamp have been tried and tested on all our private 1-2-1 clients, and with great success too.

Put simply, we know how to create the best fat loss workout in just 45 minutes.

All our workouts we use at Bootcamp are designed with metabolic disturbance in mind. This means how many calories you'll burn long AFTER the workout finishes, even when you're resting. something that you don't always get with other group training options.

Bootcamp takes place every Monday (9.30am), Tuesday (6.30pm), Wednesday (9.30am), Thursday (6.30pm) and Saturday (8.30am)in Knole Park, Sevenoaks.

It also takes place every Tuesday (6.30pm), Thursday (6.30pm) and Saturday (9.30am) in Tonbridge Park, Tonbridge.

For more information and to reserve your place please call/text 07817 403398 or email

Alternatively, click on the paypal link to reserve your place:

PS - if you book your place before September 1st then we'll offer all readers a second month at half the price.

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