Tuesday, 20 July 2010

5 Killer Fat Loss Tips!

Hey! I hope you're doing awesome?

I certainly am. I'm into week 4 of my Elimination Diet and going well. No alcohol, caffeine, processed food or sugar for 30 days. If you want more information on this diet then check out my free fat loss report "9 Powerful Secrets to Losing Bodyfat!"

Anyway, that's not why I'm messaging you. I sometimes write about health & fat loss for my local magazine and, having thumbed through a recent edition, I realised I hadn't uploaded the article here so I just wanted to share with you my 5-step success plan. These are just some of the steps that I use successfully on both myself and with my private clients. I hope you are too.

1. Focus On Whole Natural Foods And Short Burst Workouts

Eat organically whenever you can and avoid anything that's been tinned, canned or packaged. Instead of long steady "cardio" activity focus on short burst workouts like circuit training and intervals to help burn off more bodyfat. These workouts have been research-proven to burn more calories long after the workout finishes.

2. Write Down What You're Eating.

Research shows that those that use a food diary are more likely to achieve fat loss success than those who don't. You can download yours for free over at my website.

3. Stop Beating Yourself Up!

If you fall off the wagon with your diet, then don't beat yourself up,just forget about it, move on and think that tomorrow will be a much better day. Try to get as much control over your health and fitness as you can by shopping, planning and preparing.Know what you're going to have to eat tomorrow, and the next and the next and STICK TO IT!

4. Surround Yourself With People Who Have The Same Goals As You.

The truth of the matter is that most people will hold you down and don't want to see you succeed. Hang around with others who share the same fitness/fat loss/health goals as you so you can benfit from shared knowledge, commitment, support and success.

Surround yourself with positive people and ditch the "energy drainers" from your life.

5) Create Some "Me-Time" For Yourself

Trying to please everybody is a recipe for failure. You need to find time you can label as your own, not your kids, your partner or your friends - YOURS!!! Because until you put yourself first, just occasionally, you will NEVER find the time to do what you want to do.

And there you have them, my 5-step fat loss success plan. Follow those steps and I'm sure you'll see some success.

Catch you soon,

Sam : )

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