Friday, 26 March 2010

17 Secrets To Help You Lose Bodyfat

If you're having problems losing bodyfat then try as many of the following techniques as possible.


1) Train 4 times a week. Use short burst workouts (no longer than 45 minutes) like circuit training and intervals to burn more body fat that will help you to create metabolic disturbance. Try this one to get you started:

2) Give up wheat (bread, pasta etc), processed food and alcohol.

3) Fast 1-2 times per week using Brad Pilon's Eat Stop Eat nutritional philosophy.

4) fill out a food diary and blog your transformation experiences over at

5) Get a balance with your fitness. If you like attending classes and like to work in a group then combining Bootcamp with Pilates or Yoga is the perfect match and should definitely be considered if you want a balanced fitness program.

6) Get to bed by 10:30pm. No if's or but's, just do it!

7) No, not 11pm, 10;30 at the latest!

8) Do THIS!!!

9)Done Is Better Than Perfect...Quit worrying about what the best way to eat and train is and just GET STARTED TODAY! You don't have to be a perfectionist when it comes to starting a fat loss plan. Whilst paying attention to detail is important, it's not essential. Just get going!

10) "There are 2 reasons why people fail. By the thoughts that occupy their mind and by the people they surround themselves with." - Bedros Keullian

I love this quote! Just like your body needs to be fed with the right nutrients to get the best out of it, your mind ALSO needs to be fed with the right THOUGHTS. Having the right mindset and maintaining a postive "CAN-DO" attitude when you're goal is to lose bodyfat and transform your body is key.

11) Don’t beat yourself up! If you have a bad day with your nutrition don’t beat yourself up over it, jump back on the wagon and know that tomorrow will be a much better day.

12) Eat Organically whenever you can.

13) Fill your shopping basket with nothing other than animal products (meat, turkey, chicken, fish), fresh fuit and vegetables

14) Ditch every excuse you use that's stopping you achieve fat loss results and take 100% full responsiblity for your own actions.
Here's an awesome video to give you a kick in the butt:

15) STOP eating sugar - Most people are addicted to sugar they just don't know it yet! A sugar addiction is more powerful than heroine, than cocaine or any other recreational drug. Erase it from your diet if you value your health.

16) Avoid calorie counting, food weighing and complicated point scoring and focus on building strong, healthy nutritional habits throughout the year. If you focus on achieving optimum health then you will NATURALLY achieve your ideal bodyweight and look AWESOME!

17) Surround yourself with positive people who have the same fat loss goals as you and ditch the "excuse-making", energy suckers from your life.


There you go! Try as many of these fat burning secrets as possible and I'm confident that you'll start to see a tramsformation in your body in no time at all!

Peace out : )


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