Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Are you following these 7 Fat Loss Tips?

Hey, Sam here!

Wow, can you believe that summer is over already? I blinked and I missed it! Usually I take a vacation over the summer season but this time round as I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to do so.

So anyway I’ve decided to book an autumn break away to Orlando, Florida this week (I fly out tomorrow actually-yikes!). It’s a bit of business and pleasure actually. Fitness conference for first 2 days then on to explore Disney World for the rest of the week. When I booked the fitness conference I realised that the five star hotel that I’m staying in is over looking Disney World so I simply HAD to book in for a week and check out the parks whilst I’m there.

You can’t travel over 6,000 miles to a Fitness Conference (which is being held in one of the Disney World Hotels) and NOT check out Universal, Sea World, Disney etc,

That would be mad! = >

Anyway I’m not writing to talk to you about the weather and my holiday coming up, because today I wanted to give you some killer Fat Loss Tips to help you stay on course for achieving the body of your dreams.

Here are the tips that I use with all my private clients that you can start implementing NOW!

1) Plan, Plan, Plan And Do More Planning!

You know…So many times I hear of people embarking on a new fat loss plan and they haven’t planned properly for it. The classic excuse I’ll get is: “There is no healthy food where I work.” Or “I’m so busy I don’t have time to eat healthily.”

Here’s a question: Why don’t people take ownership of the problem and stop blaming everything and everyone else other than themselves as for why they haven’t achieved their ideal body shape yet?

Be organised…no, infact be super organised. Prepare your food the night before and take it to work with you in a tuppaware container. I used to do this when I worked as a lecturer for the YMCA in Central London. These were long hours (sometimes 7 in the morning till 9 at night!) but I managed to it. If I can do it, then you can too.

2) Record what you eat

Did you know that recent research suggests that those who use a food diary for their fat loss plan are more likely to be successful than those who don’t?

It’s true. Keeping a food diary should be quite straight-forward. Try not to regard it as a chore. The main purpose is to provide you with an overall view of the food and drinks you are consuming during a typical week.

You can download yours here.

3) Avoid Wheat, Dairy and Processed Food

This tip is real simple to follow. Avoid anything tinned, canned or packaged. If you remember that rule then you can't go wrong. Instead opt for fresh natural, wholesome foods that haven't been modified with additives, elmusifiers or preservatives to preserve its lifespan.

Most wheat and dairy is heavily processed so you're best off cutting it out whenever you can.

4) Use Intermittent Fasting.

If you haven’t tried intermittent fasting for your fat loss yet then I strongly advise that you do so.
Have a listen to the interview I gave with Eat Stop Eat Author Brad Pilon if you haven’t done so already. He’s a great guy and I love his nutritional philosophy so be sure to check it out. Even if you’re a little sceptical about intermittent fasting for fat loss I still think you should take a look.

This interview will blow you away!

5) Find a good Training Program

Why do people always associate losing weight or getting fit with joining a gym? This is the exact opposite of what you should be doing!
You can do it at your home. Find a good training program to help get you started. You don’t have to train hours on end. Just 3 times a week, starting off with 20 minutes and then build upon that.

If you’re stuck for ideas then you should download this great bodyweight workout from my good buddy Craig Ballantyne. You don’t need dumbbells, stability balls or expensive machines for this, all you’ll need is your body!

6) Don’t beat yourself up!

So many people that I’ve come across during my time as a fat loss expert will be going really well for a few weeks with their nutrition and then for whatever reason they have a day where it wasn’t so good and before you know, they’re back to their poor eating habits again.

If you have a bad day with your nutrition don’t beat yourself up over it, get back on the wagon and know that tomorrow will be a much better day.
Don’t be “All or nothing” and avoid putting too much pressure on yourself to eat the perfect diet.

7) Eat organically whenever you can!

Eating fruit and vegetables that are free from pesticides and meat that is free from steroids is by far the better option if you value your health. Now I understand that it’s not always easy or practical to eat organically. Life sometimes gets in the way however we should all be making an effort to eat organically whenever we can.

Aand if you want proof that pesticides are bad news then watch the video below:

Here’s also some more recent research on the dangers of pesticides and how it’s been strongly linked to Parkinsons Disease.

Check out this article from Paul Chek's Blog:

So try these 7 tips over the next few weeks and let me know how you go.

Okay, I’ve got a plain to catch,

Here’s to a new you,

Sam Winkworth

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