Monday, 6 July 2009

Bootcamp Budget Training

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You really DON'T need to be a member of a gym to see results.

I feel very strongly about that.

Unfortunately, the big health club chains and their shiny equipment have led many of us into believing that we need the latest and greatest hi-tech equipment to succeed.

Gym machines DO NOT play a part in your overall success.

What's important and what REALLY matters is the INTENSITY of your workouts and how it's applied to a logically planned program.

I've been teaching Bootcamp style classes for well over 10 years now and as many of you will know I'm a big fan of bodyweight exercises.

They're both convenient and effective. In addition to bodyweight exercises, I also like to use Speed Ladders and Kettlebells. Simple pieces of kit that are inexpensive and don't require alot of space.

The video below includes all modalities.

Here are the exercises for my Bootcamp Budget Workout.

Bodyweight Exercises

The video starts with a series of bodyweight strength exercises including Chin Ups, Dips,Push Ups & Plank.

There's also a series of Power Jumps that really get the heart rate up!

All these exercises are great for overall strength. Strength training is real important when it comes to fatloss. The more muscle tissue you have, your bodies ability to burn fat speeds up.

The movements shown are not intented for beginners. A strong core and foundation are required before you attempt any of these. You can visit my you tube channel for the beginner versions of each exercise.

Speed Ladder Drills

Next, I switch gears to conditioning and demonstrate how to use the Speed Ladder. The speed ladder's main purpose is to improve foot speed, agility and acceleration in many team sports although is a great tool for burning body fat aswell.

It's also alot of fun too. The speed ladder is a permanent tool in my Bootcamp classes.

Kettle Bell Swings

Moving along to Kettlebell Training. Kettlebells are a great tool for burning bodyfat aswell. In the video you'll see me perform a regular Kettlebell Swing which will work you from head to toe. It can be performed just as well with a dumbbell. Using a kettlebell is slightly more comfortable thats all.

Alot of workouts that you'll see on this blog will include the kettlebell.

Burpee Conditioning

To conclude the video, I finish with a Burpee Drill. Burpees are great all-round conditioners. If you come train with me, they'll be a good chance that you'll spend some time performing some sets of burpees.

Here, burpees are performed along with a lateral shuttle run followed by sprinting on the spot. Or if you're a beginner you can just perform burpees on their own . Whichever option you choose, you can expect to come out of your comfort zone!

Enjoy the video demonstration and remember it's not about the fancy equipment you're using, or the shiny chrome you'll see in most health clubs,

you can do ALOT with a little!

Avoid the health club and use your body the way it was intended!

Sam Winkworth

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PPS - Here's the best place to get hold of your speed ladder and kettlebells if you're interested = >

Any questions then let me know in the comments section below

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