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Weight Loss versus Fatloss, Which One Wins?

Hi guys,

Today I want to share an interesting discussion I had with one of my friends only the other night. We were eating out in a swanky Thai restaurant that I’d been meaning to check out for a while so I thought I’d invite my friend along and make a night of it.

Towards the end of the night, our conversation turned to food and weight loss as it usually does when I’m out with friends. Now normally, I try to avoid beating my friends over the head with the “diet stick” when I’m out, however on this occasion my friend made a remark that I simply couldn’t let lie.

Here’s how it went:

After we had finished our meal (and yes it was healthy by the way!), my friend turned to me and said “God I really need to lose weight, I want to lose a stone.”
I had heard this comment form her many times before so it was no surprise when I heard it again.
“You don’t need to lose weight.” I replied.
I got a puzzled look from my friend. Without sounding disrespectful, she won’t mind me saying that she’s a fairly big girl and we’ve had plenty of chats about her starting a course of healthy eating in the past and she’d be the first to admit that she DOES need to lose weight, so she was a little perplexed from my comment.

“What are you talking about?” She remarked, “Of course I need to lose weight, just look at me!” I could she was getting a little animated from my comment so I thought I’d best explain myself a little better.
“You don’t need to lose weight.” I repeated, “you need to lose bodyfat.”
“Is there a difference?” She said, thinking I was being funny with her.

“Yes…..a massive difference.” I replied deadly serious.

Let me explain the difference:

You see, losing Weight can be easy. All you have to do is stop eating, or reduce your calorie intake, lets say for a month and your weight on the scales will plummet.

Easy right?

You don’t even have to start an exercise program and you don’t really need to watch what you eat, just as long as you restrict those calories everything will be fine won’t it! After all, you want to lose weight right?

30 days pass and hey presto you’re half a stone lighter on the scales but you still have that bodyfat around your thighs that just doesn’t seem to shift and you’re still not happy with that wobbly area around your arms.

Hmm, bit of a problem right?

The problem with this method, (as some of you may already know) is that you’re heading for one big results plateau and it doesn’t take a genius to work out that this isn’t the most healthiest way to achieve your ideal bodyshape either. The weight lost isn’t all bodyfat (more of a water loss actually) and you may have lost more muscle tissue than bodyfat during this process especially if you weren’t consuming the right calories .

The exact opposite of what you should be doing when it comes to fatloss.

Let me put this another way…

By eating in this way you would have obtained what I call, a “damaged metabolism”, meaning your metabolism would have dropped like a stone making it even harder to burn bodyfat in the long run.

So in just under a month, you would have damaged your metabolism, you would have lost vital muscle tissue and your health would also take a bit of a battering too. Not only that but the weight that you lost will gradually creep back on aswell.

Great! What a complete waste of time!

Infact, you’d actually be in a worse position than when you started your nutrition journey. Not bad for a months work huh?

Ok, I’m being sarcastic here but you see what I’m getting at right?

I’ve been helping people with their weight, bodyfat , fitness and health for well over 10 years now yet so many people that I’ve come across during this time seem to be obsessed with weightloss and how much they weigh on the scales, whether they’ve lost a pound this week or put on another the following.

Here’s what we need to do:

Ditch the scales!

Scales are not the answer to fatloss.

The first thing I tell my clients in their first session is to stop weighing themselves every 5 minutes and use alternative ways of monitoring their results like body measurements, clothing sizes and how they generally feel as these methods tend to be far more accurate.

Take a look at THIS weekly weigh in and then carry on reading!

(If you don’t mind some bad language that is)

Ok, I’m using this “fun” video to label my point about the use of scales, but I firmly believe that weekly weigh ins or scale use are NOT the answer for monitoring fatloss success.

You see, scales don’t give you the full picture when it comes to fatloss. Infact they give you anything BUT the full picture!

Lets say you’ve lost bodyfat but gained some muscle tissue over a 4 week period which is a good thing because having more muscle tissue on your body frame will help you burn calories at a quicker rate. You hop on the scales and it looks like you haven’t lost anything when infact you have.

You’ve lost bodyfat and gained muscle but your weight on the scales has remained the same. This is then usually followed by a knee-jerk reaction with people thinking that they need to lose weight again so they begin to reduce their calories again and then the metabolism drops causing another fatloss plateau.

Anyway, where were we?

Back to the subject of weight loss versus fatloss. Losing Bodyfat (and bodyfat alone) is so much harder than losing weight although is so much more effective.

Losing bodyfat (not bodyweight) is what everyone should be focusing on if they’re serious about their fatloss success instead of constantly turning to the scales to monitor their improvements.

Boosting our metabolism is what we should be concentrating on rather than excessive use of the scales and calorie restricted diets that don’t do anyone any favors for the long run.

Losing bodyfat requires discipline & commitment.

It requires organisation & lifestyle changes.

It requires workouts that are going to kickstart your metabolism.

It requires good, clean wholesome nutrition free from additives, preservatives, stabilisers, pesticides etc.

It requires the right sleep at the right time.

Sounds a lot to do right, however if you can implement all these things whilst maintaining a positive can-do attitude throughout then I guarantee that you’ll start to see some great results.

I don’t need to say that fatloss ALWAYS wins over weightloss.

And if you’re still wondering why you haven’t achieved the body of your dreams yet or you’re still holding that excess bodyfat then do yourself a favour and get the ball in motion.

Start working on fatloss rather than weightloss.

Do it today!

My friend is definitely going to make the change (after I bent her ear for near enough half an hour although she does now know the difference between weightloss and fatloss).

I hope you do too now?

If you want some more advice on fatloss strategies that work then My free fatloss report “9 Powerful Secrets To Losing Bodyfat” is a major step in the right direction. No calorie counting, no meal restrictions, no weighing and measuring or any other nonsense, just good, clean, healthy and wholesome foods that focuses on boosting your metabolism for the long run.

Here’s to your future fatloss success,

Sam Winkworth
Your Fatloss Coach

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